My Bio

My name is Dave den Hartog, i am a contractor who is building several guitar models, at this point in my life i am only working on my guitars in the evenings and in my spare time. This comes mainly from the fact that my contracting business is suppling my living and is paying for my guitarwork as well. 

Around my 15th birthday i restored a very cheap steelstring guitar for the first time, i never ever thought that some 30 years+ later i decided to make guitars pure out of passion and while i was building my first and second guitar i became more and more exited to build as many as i could. 

I started my education in woodwork while i was 12 years old and i never really stopped, except for two years in the restaurant and automotive business, my own occupation, that is: the woodwork. I left the lower technical school when i was 17 to start working as a carpenter in the building business, but it was about my age of 19 that i went back to school, the evening school that is, to gratuade for my middle and high technical school to become a contractor. 

To just build a very good and playable guitar is not enough for me, not a single guitar i build is the same as the other one, they are all individuals, except for the method of the voicing system, i like to keep this part as consequent as possible within the specific guitartype of course. The appearance of my guitars are therefore as much important as the sound which my customers are looking for. My preference is to make specials.

Having all this said, i hope you will enjoy my site as it will be enhanced more and more over the years to come.